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IL PANE DELLA VITA should be released by the end of December 2013! Keep an eye open for this sequalto L'ORO VERDE


Bishop's assistant Father Sergio wants to hire Sister Angela to investigate an explosion and disappearance of a hermit  in the hermitage above Santo Vello Monastery. Witnesses attest to seeing a miracle, but how does one go aboproving or disproving a miracle? Sister Angela is about to find out.



LEGS TO DIE For is finished and looking for a home.


When troubled young man Christian steals money from his New York auntís purse, she sends him off to live on the farm of his grandfather, Theo Thordahl, in Denmark. At first he doesnít fight the rules his grandfather sets and parties with new friends, including a young woman, Elsbeth. Suddenly, police call retired detective Thordahl, asking for help to solve a murder on the cliffs overlooking the Baltic. Theo invites Christian to come along. When a second body is discovered, Theo is shot at the crime scene, and Christian is left to keep the farm going and to solve the crimes with Elsbeth while Theo lies in the local hospital.
































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