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Houses, Lavenham




historical novel


(unpublished manuscript)



While visiting her cousins in Tudor London, young tomboy Julian Upton stumbles upon the brutal execution of a nun and several priests. But despite the warnings, Julian still dreams of becoming a Catholic priest, and befriends Hugh, a monk at Hawkswold, her family’s priory in Yorkshire. Misunderstanding her eagerness for ordination as a love for the Church, when her father suddenly dies, he instructs that his daughter take vows as a nun at an abbey on the moors.


Meanwhile, in order to legitimize his divorce with Catharine and thus establish Anne Boleyn as his new queen, the king encourages the carnage Julian witnessed in London to spread north. His troops raze Julian’s abbey, leaving her penniless. The novice takes refuge in a nearby village, ending up in a brothel and then, posing as a man, teaching in an Anabaptist school—a decision that could result in her being burned as a heretic.


Still at Hawkswold, Hugh is ordained a canon. But the crown closes the priory, forcing him to continue his worship in France. Before he leaves England, however, he decides he must make sure Julian is safe.





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